ELAVAK™ - Production Sized High Vacuum Heat Treatment and Brazing Furnace System
CLC’s innovative ELAVAK™ line of vacuum furnace systems is specially designed to support high production applications in commercial heat treatment ranging from stress relieving and annealing applications to advanced surface modification processing. CLC’s ELAVAK™ line also supports multi-zoned hot zones and precision thermal control for the most critical isothermal high vacuum and controlled atmosphere brazing applications.

The ELAVAK™ product line supports hot zones constructed of premium quality graphite, refractory metals, and ceramic materials rated for standard operation to 1370ºC. High vacuum pumping systems are constructed to support process pressures to 10-8 torr with the use of a wide selection of high vacuum diffusion pumps, cryogenic pumps, turbomolecular pumps, and others. Advanced cooling and quenching systems are also available to support high production and metallurgical surface modification applications.

CLC’s standard product line now features graphical man-machine interface (MMI) control centers utilizing IBM/Windows based software such as Wonderware InTouch, Intellution Fix-MMI, and other World renown software packages. CLC’s state-of-the-art MMI Control Centers are specially designed to support todays most demanding quality assurance and process verification programs, particularly ISO 9000.


VERTIVAK™ RC A vertically oriented heat treatment and brazing facility featuring top loading operations. The VERTIVAK™, with rapid cooling accessory (RC designation), provides the most versatile and economic vacuum hardening furnace in the World.

VERTIVAK™ RC The VERTIVAK™ RC is a vertically loaded, 5 bar, rapid cooling vacuum tool hardening furnace system.

VERSIVAK™ The VERSIVAK™ is a highly versatile laboratory/semi-works size vacuum furnace. With multiple accessory ports, this uniquely product engineered system will support multiple processes such as heat treatment, vacuum induction melting, arc melting, rapid cooling, liquid/gas quenching, plasma ion nitriding, and others.

ELAVAK™ - Production Sized High Vacuum Heat Treatment and Brazing Furnace System

ELAVAK™ FLH The CLC ELAVAK™ FLH series is a front-loaded horizontal style furnace system with graphite or refractory metal hot zones. A wide variety of pumping systems, cooling accessories, and control system options makes ELAVAK™ the popular choice for heat treatment and brazing applications. Available with multi-zoned hot zones, the entire ELAVAK™ line supports isothermal operations to ±3ºC.

ELABAR™ RC Features of the ELABAR™ RC vacuum furnace line are identical to the ELAVAC™ series. The ELABAR™ system is constructed for high pressure programmed rapid cooling to achieve advanced metallurgical specifications.

ELAVAC™ BLE The CLC ELAVAC™ BLE is a bottom-loaded elavator style furnace system with graphite or refractory metal hot zones and features identical to the ELAVAC™ FLH style systems.


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