CLC has switched to the latest state of the art MMI Computer Control offered by Honeywell in their 800 Series controller.

The 800 controller includes a work hardened video monitor screen for the operator, an output to a PC, a paperless data recorder which stores data on a floppy disc and a built in Programmable Logic controller (PLC).
The 800 Series has:

* Easy to use block programming language and software
* Requires no special operator license key
* Operator Video Panel with Preformatted Color LCD graphic displays
* Convenient off line configuration via a PC
* Has RS 485 serial communication with Modbus RTU Protocol
* Memory to store up to 70 setpoint profiles
* Setpoint scheduler with up to 8 ramp/soak setpoints operating on a common time base
* Up to 16 PID control loops
* Up to 96 digital I/O
* Up to 24 analog inputs for monitoring devices
* Up to 4 independent setpoint programs with50 segments each, with 16 event outputs
* This controller is housed in a NEMA Control cabinet. The 800 Controller meets UL, CE, and CSA electrical     standards.
* The advent of the 800 series MMI (Man Machine Interface) computer control system means that control panel can be physically smaller than any built previously. All the power is stored in the 800.
* A separate panel is provided for the motor starters for the pumps and other accessories. Both panels are powered from a transformer from the primary power supply. This allows one connection from the customer’s circuit breaker mounted on the wall to the power supply. The 110-v current required for the control panel is supplied from this small transformer mounted in the power supply.
* A separate Honeywell Series 1000 Safety Over temperature Protection Controller is provided to prevent thermal runaway from the furnace.
* Ammeters and voltmeters (one for each leg of the power supply) are conveniently located on the power supplies.
* An Emergency Stop button is provided along with an Alarm Horn and Alarm Light.
* All alarm conditions and the furnace status can be seen from the video monitor.